Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break in Cali!


The town we stayed in had an awesome harbor. It was soo beautiful! Especially in the sunset.

It was too cold for me!

We stayed in the coolest little surfer town. There were surfers every where! I LOVED this town, Oceanside. I want to live here some day.

We stopped at a hole in the rock cafe. It was just like the ones you see in the movies. I had a real date shake. Probably my favorite now! We also tried cactus shakes, yummy too!

Me and my wonderful roommates! What a good looken' group. :)

Us and some of our new friends. First day on the beach we met some people from Utah! Small world huh? We made a sand couch complete with foot rests and a remote control. :)

I got addicted the book and had it with me everywhere!

I LOVE bon fires on the beach! Our new friends invited us then we made some high schooler friends who hooked us up with smores, hot dogs, chips, brownies, you name it! It was soo much fun!

You can't not stop at the In-N-Out burger!

The whole gang.

Momma, I was thinking of you the whole time! There were soo many and it was soo pretty!

One of the days we were there in Oceanside they had a street market going on. It was soo cool! This is where we did our shopping. Oceanside rocks!

Ben bought us all flowers from the Farmer's market! He was the only guy with four girls for 3 days. He was good to us :)

Six flags was the bomb! Especially because I got to see Teescompoop there! We only went on 3 rides, but the superhero's made up for it :)

I hit my hand on a bar as we flew past it in the air a million miles an hour while my hands were out flying like Peter Pan. This pic was taken right after it happened. It was totally worth it.

While driving near the boarder in California, we saw like twenty Mexicans getting picked up by the Boarder Control. It was crazy!


Trina said...

I love blogging!!!!! Keep it up!

Jade said...

Oh so cute Sarah! It looks like so much fun! I wanna go to California right now!

mom/caryn said...

Yeah... and to think that Cordell actually lives two blocks from the sand and waves in Huntington Beach... which is the official "Surf City, U.S.A." He loves it! And why not? Surfing, beach volleyball, sandpipers, a prolifery of flowers everywhere, wienie roasts at nightfall, cool ocean breezes mixed with warm California sun. You ride bikes or use roller blades to go almost everywhere. Sidewalk cafes, farmer's street markets, cute guys, flip flops, jamba juice on the pier, and to see fireworks over the water on the Fourth of July is spectacular...sigh.
If it's not paradise for a young person... it's pretty dang close.

Glad you're blogging, cutie!

Chandi said...

You are living it up! Good for you. I hope you get all the adventures you can. What great memories!

tessa said...

YEAH!!! i love it seer! that trip was so fun huh?!!

cali said...

What in the world. I had no idea you did this! my dad is a huge rotarian and when i was in high school we went to mexico a few times to build houses and work in orphanages. your pictures brought it all back! youre amazing for going and i know it will be something you look back on for the rest of your life! love ya!

TrishaJo said...

Oh hi! I found you! Lol. I didn't know you did this!! That is so great! Good for you!