Tuesday, April 8, 2008

TONS more pics of Mexico!

Cute little girl washing her own clothes. (she reminds me of Tessa when she was little :)

The project! These are the two houses, the one on the left is Hector's family's. The one on the right is his Aunt's. That's a little shed thing in between the two houses.

The mattress the little boys found and are dragging toward us to do tricks for us while we eat lunch on the tracks.

Our audience when we first got there.

The inside of the brick wall kitchen we built (still in progress)

At the real Mexican restaurant. Momma I'm on the phone with you :)

Walking on their sewer pipe. It was stinky and really high!

They put on a wresting tournament for us all with their Nacho Libre masks they bought.

This was in the wall at the end of the hall where we stayed. A Mexican religious tradition story thing. I don't remember the whole story. But I think that's the Virgin Mary.

Two little girls walking arm in arm home from school. They all wore uniforms.

This is like their grocery store in the little town where we were building

Their bathroom, no shower- just a hose/pipe coming out of the wall.

I loved this mom. And her little one room house was so immaculate and clean in a dirty kind of way. Her kids were so dirty, with dreadlocks of mud. She loved the SO much.

This is someones side yard (in between houses)

Where they wash their clothes.

and shoes..

Everywhere you went, you would see the Mexicans always carrying around a Fanta bottle. Not just a little 16 oz. bottle, but like 3 liters. Even the little kids.

This is the barrel outside where Hector and his family kept their clothes. The sweater she is wearing is the one she gave to me to wear when she saw I was cold. And tried to get me to keep.

The kids walking to school on the sewer pipe.

Carlos. (one of my favorites!)

Sergeo. (another one of my favorites!)

The stream. (Garbage everywhere)

The clock on the wall in Hector's house.

This is where we stayed.


Making the cement.